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The Northwest Aquaculture Alliance (NWAA), formerly the Washington Fish Growers Association (WFGA), is an aquaculture advocacy organization committed to creating a climate for aquaculture to grow sustainably in the Pacific Region—and beyond.

NWAA represents fish and shellfish growers, global feed suppliers, animal breeding and genetics companies, egg producers, and a range of businesses that support the aquaculture sector. While we are focused on the Pacific region—including Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska—our membership is open to any organization or individual who believes in our mission of helping aquaculture grow.

NWAA members share a vision of raising high-quality, sustainably produced, nutritious fish and shellfish, farmed either in marine waters, fresh water, or land-based operations that meet the needs of local, regional, and global seafood markets.

Working together, we are a strong voice for aquaculture, and we welcome your support. Please join us!

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